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  • Katherine Papadopulos

What Do Your Brand Colors Really Mean?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Color is so important to think about when starting your new business! You want to stand out and make your brand memorable, but also need to keep in mind the implications behind colors to have a cohesive brand and web strategy.

  • Yellow is the color of creativity, warmth, energy, and happiness. Common logos that use yellow are Snapchat, Denny’s, and McDonald’s. Yellow is also seen as fun, energetic, young, and attention-grabbing.

  • Red is the color of passion, danger, and aggression. Common logos that use red are Netflix, Target, and Coca-Cola. Red is bold and energetic, giving off a tone of authority.

  • Green is the color of nature, freshness, and health. Common logos that use green are Spotify, John Deere, and Android. Green is also associated with environmental conservativeness and sustainable business practices.

  • Orange is the color of cheer, comfort, and optimism. Common logos that use orange are Dunkin Donuts, Reese’s, and Fanta. Orange gives off an image of sociability and warm-heartedness along with a strong brand association.

  • Blue is the color of religion, peace, and trust. Common logos that use blue are Pepsi, Oreo, and Skype. Blue is the most common color for branding because it's associated with responsibility and represents reliability- what brands want to be known for.

  • Purple is the color of imagination, luxury, and playfulness. Common logos that use purple are Hallmark, Cadbury, and The Willy Wonka Candy Company. Purple is mostly used to represent religious institutes and educational organizations, although its luxurious nature is appealing to high-end brands.

  • White is the color of virtue, purity, and simplicity. It's a very useful color in branding and makes other colors shine through. It can also create a sense of space.

  • Brown is the color of comfort, nature, and stability. Common logos that use purple are M&M's, UPS, and UGG. Brown is also associated with reliability and nurturing which exemplifies a brand with integrity.

  • Black is the color of authority, power, and wealth. Common logos that use purple are Apple, Nike, and The North Face. Black seems simple, but it is professional and serious.

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